-Please Remember-

Here are just a few pictures to give you some examples of what we do best!

Please keep in mind that every season gives us access to different flowers. This means that we substitute when needed. We cannot promise to have every flower or container pictured in stock at all times. Thank you for understanding.  

Please Take Note-

When you  place an order please put your name and phone number followed by a forward slash what you want the card to read in the box titled "Your Name & Phone/ Card Message". After the forward slash please put what you would like the card to say. Same follows for the Recipient Phone & Address. 
       Ashley's Favorite                                    Just Pretty

             $54.99                                                   $49.99

       Peacocks & Purples                              Beautiful & Blue

            $ 34.99                                                      $59.99

              Delicate Tulips                            Oh So Fancy

                  $34.99                                           $174.99

             Sweetheart                                   All Fixed Up

                  $64.99                                               $59.99





Card Message
         Southern Beauty                                Cheetahlicious

                 $49.99                                                $59.99

            Fun Fun Fun                                   Funky Dozen Roses

                $54.99                                                    $75.00

                In Love                                        Simply Elegant

                $79.99                                               $99.99

               Mason Jar                                      Dozen Roses

                $25.00                                               $75.00